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Thought - Never ending ideas

Seller: Ali Yildiz
Price: 0.99

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Thought is a simple, emotional and peaceful room made for night usage. Designed to keep everything you think organized, easily accessible and pleasing to read. Everything about you is important for Thought and it will improve in every way to make you feel that way.

When you use your phone at night, maybe in your bed or outside, it's screen spoils the whole darkness. Thought, is all about making you feel like you are a part of the night. You can think and write whatever you want in this peaceful little sky. Or you can make a wish and watch a star sliding with it

Thought is a relaxing and simple place where you don't get distracted. It's like writing your own thoughts into the sky. Talking with stars, and even watching your thoughts become stars.

You will have shiny little stars with you, also everything you typed will wait you there as a star.