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Thrust 30

Seller: Andy Hayes
Price: -1

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In 1986 Firebird released a deviously fiendish physics based space explorer on Commodore 64 and many other 8-bit home computer systems. Thrust 30 Celebrates the 30th anniversary of Jeremy Smith's Thrust.

The game features simple 2d vector graphics, a physics engine, limpet guns, and an orb. You control a ship, and your task on each level is to collect the orb, by means of a tractor beam which, when attached complicates the gravitational and thrust forces acting on your ship. making escaping the cave style level layouts require extraordinary skill and control. Then fly the orb upwards into space where you will automatically hyperspace to the next level.

Bonus points are awarded for destroying limpet guns, power stations and collecting or destroying fuel cells located on the planets' surfaces.

This game contains all 6 classic levels based on the original Spectrum game's version."speed run" and "endless" game modes are also available in Options > General...

More level packs will become available in the future. Happy Thrusting!

Music (In Game): Matt Gray
Music (Titles): Martin Keary
Graphics: Martin Keary & Andy Hayes
Sound Fx: Matt Gray
Programming: Andy Hayes
Original: Jeremy Smith