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tinnease Tinnitus Treatment

Seller: Daniel Wuerstl
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Download tinnease Tinnitus Treatment free via AppsHawk.

With the tinnease app you can reduce the loudness of your tinnitus by listeninng to individually filtered music. The therapy method used is based upon latest scientific findings and has been proven in clinical trials*.

With the tinnease app you determine the frequency of your tinnitus, choose songs from your device and listen to them daily over your headphones, for at least 60 minutes. The app filters out the frequencies of your tinnitus and, through an effect called lateral inhibition, thereby reduces the volume of your tinnitus,during a therapy of several month.

Just try the app for free with up to 3 songs, for as long as you want!

*see and our website.
Please note that the app is an adaptation of scientific findings and has not yet gone through clinical testing itself. We developed it thoroughly and with best intentions to take scientific results to patients in a timely manner. To prove its effectiveness we will publish the app's performance continuously, as soon as sufficient data is available - but for the time being and due to legal considerations we cannot guarantee that the app is effective for everyone.