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todayee voice

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"The idea was sprung falling"
"Inspiration sudden"
"That you do not want to forget"
"It was felt now"
"It was thought"

I think you are a lot of things you want to write down every day. But to enter in the smartphone is frustrating. Do not you think that it is easier when you are entered in the voice at such time? todayee voice (Tudei voice) is Evernote post apps that can voice input. Transmission is also equipped with a "voice command" that can be instructed by voice.

Features of todayee voice
- From the voice input is an app that can post to the text of the creation and Evernote.
· IOS10 uses the standard on-board voice recognition API from.
· The unique voice commands, you can do to send a voice from the input.
Such as cursor movement erroneous to support the modification of the conversion has been prepared.

== How to use ==
- Speech recognition will be started at the same time as the start-up.
When talking to app is voice recognition will be converted to text.
- Screen voice recognition ends when you tap, the text has been finalized.

== == About speech recognition
Speech recognition is not perfect, but you can increase the accuracy and to note the following points.
Use of in-stable network
- Not less pronounced in volume
· Distinct pronunciation

Proper names can not be converted very well. Please as to whether to edit later avoid to speak.

== Voice command ==
You can be the special behavior and speak certain words in the speech recognition. These are referred to as "voice command".

- "Transmission" (slimming): Finally speak the text of recognition will be posted. Command is not included in the text.

Voice command, or put between just before, "." Will be more likely to be recognized and put a (period).

== Notes ==
The speech recognition has the following restrictions.
Online only available
- Up to the end in one minute
- A certain period of time and the end's silence
And recognition the way to change according to the context
· Apple is only in providing services available
- Available languages ​​are more than 60
(All will be the specification of iOS)

Features of Todayee series
todayee (Tudei) is Evernote Posting application of new type was born the "Leave the day-to-day" concept. You familiar text, photos, audio, video, in various todayee app is immediately available to suit the application, such as a map.

â–  1 days worth of posts in one note
7:02 post text "wake-up"
8:23 shooting shops you find in the middle of commuting
10:12 recording the statement of the conference
12:25 Silent shooting for lunch today
15:09 records the map of the go places
Note of the book to be worried about in the bookstore that was stopped by 17:52
Record the URL found in the 18:14 return of train
This, Matomarimasu to one note everything

Features of todayee is a powerful "summary" feature unparalleled than anything.
It will automatically be together always one note every day post from todayee throat app. If you can put together a post of both when it was you have both iPhone and iPad.

â–  todayee series of apps
todayee will support recording of all day-to-day to "Leave the day-to-day" concept.

text: Text Posts
photo: photo post (camera shooting)
silent: Photos Posted (silent mode camera)
extension: Posts from other apps
place: map post
pics: photo post (100 sheets maximum simultaneous)
rec: Recording Posts
voice: Text Posts (speech recognition)
video: Video Posted

Now Do not record the day-to-day to take advantage of the todayee?

Questions or requests, please send to the following if such impressions.

SNS is also available to suit.
Twiter: @lakesoft_jp
Facebook: lakesoftjp