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Toddler Development|your guide

Seller: Mehmet Kocabas
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Bye-bye baby, hello toddler. Here's your guide to the second year, from feeding and sleeping to learning and behavior.

Your cuddly little crying (and eating and pooping) machine of the past year is finally a toddler, but getting your increasingly independent child to potty-train, behave in public, and actually like vegetables is no small feat. Toddlerhood brings as many frustrations (is that crayon on the wall?), as it does joys ("Look Mom! I did it all by yourself!"), so you'll need a helping hand along the way. Here's your month by month guide to toddler development, including the best way to handle everything from toddler tantrums, fears, and friendships, to picky eating habits and sleeping through the night.

12-Month-Old Child :As your baby faces the massive challenge of learning to walk, he finds comfort and release in playtime.

13-Month-Old Child :As the world begins to open up, your toddler does too, so get ready for a smorgasbord of emotions and behaviors.

14-Month-Old Child :No! If you haven't yet heard that simple word from your toddler's lips, get ready — it's coming.

15-Month-Old Child :Wow, that cute little bundle of emotions can now express pleasure, playfulness…and protests.

16-Month-Old Child :Who knew such a tiny person could have such a big stubborn streak?

17-Month-Old Child :Chances are your little devil has developed some naughty new habits. (Break out the earplugs!)

18-Month-Old Child :Little ones start to understand limits around now — but that doesn't mean they follow them.

19-Month-Old Child :Whether you've got a whirling dervish or a laidback little one, your best bet is giving her plenty of time and space to do her thing.

20-Month-Old Child :Life can be pretty scary sometimes, especially for little ones. To the rescue: you!

21-Month-Old Child :A preference for "boy" or "girl" stuff may soon emerge as toddlers continue to express their individuality.

22-Month-Old Child :Look out! Your little powder keg may be about to blow!

23-Month-Old Child :Where do you think you're going, Mom? That may be the message your toddler sends (loudly and/or tearfully) every time you try to leave her side.

24-Month-Old Child :Talk about emotional! Two-year-olds are famous for their over-the-top expressions of love and pleasure as well as anger and frustration.

25-Month-Old Child :With so many new things to see and learn, toddlers find comfort in the predictability of a steady routine.

26-Month-Old Child :It's a good thing toddlers are so cute — it may be the only reason parents can tolerate all that whining!

27-Month-Old Child :Toddlers may not get it right the first (or second or third) time, but practicing good manners and politeness is well worth the effort.

28-Month-Old Child :Nurturing the arts won't guarantee you'll raise a Mozart or Michelangelo, but it will ensure that your child gets to exercise his inborn creative muscle.

29-Month-Old Child :While her skill set may be limited, your toddler's desire to do everything "by myself!" knows no bounds.

30-Month-Old Child :While your little helper can't vacuum the rug or do the laundry, he can assist with lots of household chores and feel quite capable in the process.

31-Month-Old Child :Got a toddler? Then odds are you've got a picky eater on your hands!

32-Month-Old Child :Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but learning how to be a good one definitely takes some practice.

33-Month-Old Child :Rewards and bribes are powerful tools when it comes to coaxing your toddler to comply, but tread lightly, Mom.

34-Month-Old Child :If they haven't already, lots of toddlers are ready to relinquish the afternoon nap as they approach the three-year mark.

35-Month-Old Child : That little sponge of a brain is ready to soak up all sorts of knowledge. Your job: Keep the learning fun and the pressure off.

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