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Toowoo Explore Paris

Seller: Toowoo
Price: 1.99

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Watch a koala ride a scooter or a granny hip hop dance. Find the hidden Dinosaur, the friendly Yeti or an Orangutan wearing a Fez. Fly a remote controlled drone, start a thunderstorm or turn a mild mannered boy into a superhero.

In this kids learning app, your little ones will travel to the magical city of Paris and interact with the environment, objects and people.

Fun, educational, discovery game designed for toddlers to go on a journey and learn about Paris, France. This colourful and fun app is simple and intuitive, with no set goals, rules or objectives, children simply tap and explore - there is no wrong way to play. Perfect for ages 2 - 5 years old.

** No ads, no in-app purchases & totally safe. Pay once & play forever! **

• More than 60 loveable characters to interact with. Any you know?
• Over 150 interactions with many hidden characters and objects
• No goals or objectives, just free and open play in an endless scene
• Ideal for kids aged 1 to 5
• Suitable for disabled, special needs or autistic children
• Preschool and kindergarten friendly
• High quality artwork, animation and soundscapes

• Introduction to new culture
• Learn French numbers & language in a simple and fun way
• Importance of learning through exploration and play
• Safe and intuitive, with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising
• Develops imagination and creativity

• Celebrates differences and diversity. Inclusion of diverse nationalities
• Teaches preschoolers to avoid prejudice and stereotypical thinking
• Equal representation of male and female characters throughout the game
• Breaking gender stereotypes, deliberately portraying any character in atypical roles
• Encouraging toddlers to notice differences, without judgment or discrimination

Hi Moms and Dads! We’re parents just like you and dedicated to creating quality, socially aware, educational and fun content that parents know is safe and meaningful. We want kids to develop a love of exploring, teaching them from the earliest of ages that life is an ongoing journey of discovery and learning while letting them explore freely and interact with other cultures. Our apps are developed and tested with kids, early childhood educational experts and child psychologist‎s.

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