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Tracing Planes Pro - Where is the lost planes?

Seller: 1dreamm Ltd.
Price: FREE

Download Tracing Planes Pro - Where is the lost planes? free via AppsHawk.

Tracing Planes Pro: save 3$ to unlock all features (compare to the free version)

Tracing Planes - an addicting game helping you to improve your predictability, imagination and planning skill - a guessing game with lots of creativity in rule that you never ever met before - an awesome game created by awesome developers.

***Game play

Your challenges are hidden planes with many beautiful shapes on a map with size from 5x5 to 10x10. Your role is to find all heads of each plane in order to make them appear on the map. Each level you have a limited number of turns within a given time to make all planes appear and win the game.

Solving a level with as little turns and less time as possible to get the best score and win one star, two stars or three stars. There are “Hints” in game to help you when you get stuck in a level.

Game is designed for both iPhone and iPad, with 4 packets from beginner, amateur to expert and professor, contain 100 different levels from easy to difficult and 35 different planes from 1 head to 4 heads.


+ Two players
+ Hints
+ Coins
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+ Beginner levels packet
+ Amateur levels packet
+ Expert levels packet
+ Professor levels packet