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Tuxt U Grich

Seller: Aram Gasparyan
Price: -1

Download Tuxt U Grich free via AppsHawk.

“Tuxt U Grich” = “Paper and Pen”

Tuxt U Grich is an app used for keeping score for 'Bazar Blot'

You never have to search for a Paper and Pen ever again for Blot scorekeeping!!!

Features include:
• Extremely easy to use. Install and you’re ready to score your game
• Easy navigation using taps, double taps, and swipes
• Keep Scores without using a paper and pen
• Insertion and Editing of Points and Attributes
• Insertion and Editing of Scores for two teams
• Ability to delete the last Score:Point Entry - in case you make a mistake
• Ability to enter minimum and maximum points and scores
• (Optional) Kanach Kaput score entry included

Where can you use Tuxt U Grich?
∆ Anywhere you play Blot
∆ School – between and during classes
∆ Home – Usually at nights with your friends
∆ Friend's House – just like home
∆ Fishing – Great place to use TuG
∆ During a SUV ride to Las Vegas – Another great place
∆ In Big Bear – All day long
∆ Mid day Sunday (at your grandpa’s house), right between lunch and bbq time
∆ Etc… etc… etc…