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Under lock

Seller: Mikhail Ishmametev
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«Under lock» application safely stores your passwords, documents and notices in iPhone memory and allows to enter them by one touching or to delete them using the emergency password.
Every day we have to remember more numbers and passwords: mail, social networks, online mass-media versions, internet-shops - all they demand authorization. And every time, signing up, we think: what password should we select? Complex one is easily to forget, easy one is easily to lose, identical passwords (even very complex!) for different sites are not secure, too.
Bank cards, accounts, passport and other documents numbers - it is an extra charge on memory and arms - it is necessary to enter them every time by hand. Informers' phones, addresses and data, submarines coordinates should be stored somewhere. If you are not a geniuses-mnemonics, you write them somewhere, so we risk.
With the application «Under lock» it is enough to remember only one password, and to make others complex as more as possible, after all you needn’t remember them!
It is possible to store «Under lock»:
- Passwords and logins to any Internet sites.
- Data of documents: of passports, bank card, bank account.
- Notices about the other confidential information.
-All of these data can be supplemented with comments.
Why «Under lock» is more secure?
-All information is stored only in phone memory and can't be transmitted anywhere.
- Creators of the application do not collect statistics, your personal or confidential data.
- Data are protected by AES 256-bit coding.
- The application is closed by the password which it is necessary to enter every time when you need access to contents. It is necessary to remember only this password, and your memory is free for saving of more pleasant memories.
- The password length for the application is not limited.
- In case of password guessing, deleting data is provided when you enter the wrong password more than 10 times.
Only «Under lock» users have a possibility to delete all data in a dangerous situation. For this purpose in settings the emergency password is entered. As it is known, now it is impossible to crack 256-bit coding with a brutforce-attack method, therefore malefactors can use a brute force to the phone owner, demanding to tell them the password. In this case you enter the emergency password and destroy all criminals’ plans.
«Under lock» - it is easy and beautiful
- Data can be sent by SMS.
- Miniature images of passports and carts.
- Fast change of language in settings: Russian, English, French, German.
Store the secrets «Under lock»!
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