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Seller: Karsten Bruns
Price: FREE

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Give your username, comments and text message a special style and use special characters!

»What’s a special character do you aks?« Good question! I know that you know what an Emoji is, so I already know that you know what a special character is! Emojis are special characters, too! Most special characters are only used in foreign languages, but other are from our latin alphabet – they just have a different style. They are made for formulas and bullet points, but you can also use them JUST FOR FUN :)
Rule of thumb: Whereever you can use Emoji, you can use the special charcters from this app, too!

# Features!

+ Class up your text using 8 different styles!
+ Most of the styles have at least one extra variant like bold, italic or outlined.
+ Mix them like you want, be creative!
+ Copy your final text to the clipboard or share it via other apps on your phone!