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Seller: Galeano Redondi
Price: FREE

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Vautograph: Video Autograph

Vautograph captures both an autograph and video of any celebrity you meet – quickly and easily.
What happens if you run into a famous person at a concert, red carpet movie premiere, convention, sporting event (or even just at the airport) but you don't happen to have paper and a pen on you to get an autograph? It's simple, just reach for your iPhone®, iPod® Touch and launch the Vautograph app!

The app creates a paperless autograph and video combo of any celebrity that you encounter on the fly - from Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry to One Direction and Justin Bieber. The celebrity will know that you are filming them as they will see their face on the screen while they draw their signature. You can also use the app to send yourfriends video and handwritten messages!
Share all of your Vautographs online with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or via email and SMS. It's a fun and simple tool – an absolute must-have app for every fan.

Make memories and share them: think of all the possibilities!
- Concerts, festivals, red carpets, book launches, studio tours and movie premieres.
- All types of sporting events from soccer, football and cricket players to international stars like Roger Federer and David Beckham.
- All kinds of pop culture conventions such as Supanova, Oz Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Vid Con & Playlist Live.
- Meeting politicians, the Prime Minster, the Pope, or even the Queen!
We are working hard to get Vautograph functioning flawlessly for all of our fans, so stay tuned for future updates.

Galeano Roberto Redondi

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