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Veggitable - Healthy and vegan recipes

Seller: Umarva
Price: FREE

Download Veggitable - Healthy and vegan recipes free via AppsHawk.

Eating healthy brings many benefits to the mind and body. Did you know that removing animal ingredients from your food is enough to achieve a much healthier lifestyle?
You are boycotting animal suffering, protecting the planet and delighting yourself to eat like never-before.

With the Veggitable app, you will find 100% vegan recipes and others, very easy to prepare to surprise your friends and family. You will feel better! You will think more clearly! You will notice good changes in your body, and you will be the best version of you!

- 111 delicious recipes; ALL 100% vegan
- Easy for everyone, even for those who think they cannot cook
- Photos so appetizing that you will want to lick the screen
- Here, you will find main dishes, salads, sauces, cakes and much more
- Step by step cooking instructions, tap to mark the performed step
- Easily slide to see the ingredients at any time
- With just a tap, double and triple the recipe ingredients
- Check the difficulty and the preparation time of each recipe
- All recipes are marked, whether gluten free, raw or time consuming
- Majority of the recipes are adapted for the Thermomix
- Add recipes to Favourite
- Search recipes by name or ingredient
- Track cooking time with integrated timers
- Excellent support for using the app on iPad simultaneously with other apps
- Write your personal notes for each recipe
- All recipes are in English and Portuguese
- Designed for iPhone and iPad


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