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Seller: William Parker
Price: FREE

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VendSpin is a mobile app platform that connects mobile convenience stores and people who would like to utilize their own vehicles trunk space to store and sell various items from to customers. VendSpin provides super fast on-demand deliveries worldwide in minutes sometimes even in seconds 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you cant make it to the store "We'll send a store to your door" or send one to your desired location. Using VendSpin is easy you just tap open the app to search through multiple sellers inventory accounts in your area for items that are stocked onboard their vehicles ready for delivery at any time such as groceries, snacks, candy, ice cream, beverages, beer, tobacco, medicine, clothing, toiletries, stationary materials etc… create a shopping list then submit your order. There's no waiting for items to be bagged and brought from fulfillment centers, once order is placed a mobile convenience store/local delivery driver(seller) will be sent to your location immediately. There's many payment options available for customers; you can choose to pay for your purchase using Cash, Debit/Credit, or EBT/SNAP benefits (food stamps) with authorized sellers. VendSpin doesn't charge a delivery fee but does allow sellers to suggest minimum order purchases to buyers for deliveries.

After your transaction is complete you will be able to rate the mobile convenience store or local delivery driver(seller) and offer feedback and suggestions to help us improve the VendSpin experience. Purchase receipts may be obtained onsite of a transaction or sent to your email. Register with VendSpin today as a customer(buyer) or mobile convenience store/local delivery driver(seller) and download our app for .99 cents a small fee that will essentially save you a huge amount of time as a buyer or offer you a substantial extra source of income as a seller.