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Seller: Philipp Matthes
Price: 0.99

Download Volume! free via AppsHawk.

How loud is it? This app will show you.

Thank you for using Volume! What's new in this version:
- You can now record volume
- Save the recorded measurement
- Display the measurement you took

- Easy to read display
- Dynamic background
- Dynamic volume indicator
- Works with the built in microphone and external microphones
- Precisely calibrated
- Record measurements
- Save measurements

The app shows you information on the current loudness:
- 0 dB: Threshold to noise awareness
- 10 dB: Leaves rustling in the distance without environment noise
- 20 dB: Background noise in a quiet tv-studio
- 30 dB: Sleeping room without noise
- 40 dB: Quiet library
- 50 dB: Normal apartment noise
- 60 dB: 1m away from a normal conversation
- 70 dB: 1m away from a vacuum cleaner
- 80 dB: 5m away from a crowded street
- 90 dB: 10m away from a diesel engine
- 100 dB: 1m away from a club loudspeaker
- 110 dB: 1m away from a chain saw
- 120 dB: Discomfort threshold
- 130 dB: Pain threshold, ear damage after short time
- 140 dB: 30m away from a launching fighter jet

This app uses your microphone to measure the current volume. The recorded data is only stored locally and not used for any other purpose.
The precision of this app may not equal the precision of a professional measurement device although it is calibrated correctly. The displayed measurements are only estimates. Wrong measurements may occur.