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VR Guide: Munich Beer Gardens

Seller: Sara Simpson
Price: 0.99

Download VR Guide: Munich Beer Gardens free via AppsHawk.

The MotorCo VR Guide to the Munich Beer Halls and Gardens is a GPS enabled location based guide to some of the famous Munich beer gardens and halls. It shows which restaurant is the closest to the user, and has an enabled Map which will take the user directly to the selected restaurant or pub.

The app has no ads, pop-ups, registration and doesn't track the user's location.

For centuries, the beer is and has been an important part of Bavarian cuisine and Munich and cultural heritage. Best choice "beer experience" has an authentic traditional beer hall (indoor) and beer garden (outdoor). The program has a list of many of the most famous ones.

Location descriptions include: Hoffbrauhaus, Olympiapark Biergarten, Hirschgarten, Augustiner-Keller, Lowenbraukeller, MaxE, Hacker - Pschorr Brauhaus, English Garden, Nuerember Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom, Paulaner Brauhaus, Weisses Brauhaus, der pschorr, Bratwurstherzl, Paulaner am Nockerberg and Waldwirtschaft GroBhesselohe.