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Weather forecast | Navigator

Seller: Rezeda Iskhakova
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Download Weather forecast | Navigator free via AppsHawk.

Weather Forecast: A great weather app for you! Weather Forecast, provides accurate weather information, local weather, weather report, weather channel, is your best choice of weather app.
Modern UI design of Weather Forecast, easier for you to know the local weather. By using this weather app, you can not only know the weather today, but also see forecast. Just like putting weather channel in your pocket. With information of weather today, make your today’s schedule. What’s the weather like? The weather information is all in your control!
Real-time temperature, sendible temperature, wind force and wind direction are all in this weather app based on weather radar. A handy weather channel for you. Weather Forecast will show you what you want to know. No matter it is a weather report about weather today or a weather report about 10 days after. You do not need to Google “weather today” anymore.
Smart weather radar maps detect your current located city accurately. You can not only know the local weather, but also search for other cites’ weather information and weather report.

This application converts your phone into an efficient and easy to use gps speedometer. By requesting a continuous stream of location updates from the GPS hardware within your phone, Speedometer - gps speed meter ensures the maximum possible accuracy.

You might question yourself what's your exact speed when you walk.
Speedometer comes to the rescue and informs you your exact speed at the moment.
Speedometer uses the inbuilt gps sensor to fetch your speed.
Do you want to find our your speed?
Check your speed. Even if you are walking or driving, doesn't matter. This app tells you your exact speed.

In addition, Speedometer now allows you to track your total distance. Add more functionality to your phone with Speedometer - gps speed meter

Celsius Fahrenheit Converter is a free application for converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Celsius, for body temperatures, weather, or cooking.

As a parent who thinks in Celsius with a spouse that thinks in Fahrenheit, I was surprised how often I needed to make that conversion in a day. I needed an app that could quickly do the math for me, so I could move on to other things.
There are many temperature converters out there (F to C and C to F), but a simple task requires a simple interface. Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter was built with the smoothest and snappiest interface I could think of.