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Weekend Flyer

Seller: Thomas Court Software Development, LLC
Price: FREE

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Weekend Flyer is the easy way to plan your flights around the weather up to several days into the future. Now when you leave your home airport on Friday evening you’ll be able to ‘see’ what the weather will most likely be on Sunday afternoon for your trip home. By drawing a picture of the future weather your pilot’s license and your plane suddenly become more useful.

Weather information for flight planning is sparse. Prog charts go out less than 24 hours into the future and lack detail. TAF’s are only available at select airports and only go 24-30 hours into the future. Predicting the flying weather further into the future or at non-TAF airports require you to become a meteorologist, interpreting fronts and pressure systems. Even then the local conditions will often mess with you.

Fortunately NOAA provides forecast data for more than 2½ days into the future and for nearly every airport with a weather station on it (more than 1500). But until now its never been presented to pilots as a clear picture of the flying weather. Weekend Flyer takes the rows of numbers from NOAA and converts them into that clear picture.

- The map is a high resolution scan of the VFR Wall Planner you often see at airports.
- Stations are color coded for flight category VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR.
- Thunderstorms and high winds at the airports are also shown. No need to switch between several screens to get the information you need.
- Cloud coverage is also shown.
- Even precipitation is shown (but subtly to keep the map from becoming busy).
- The unique ‘time slider’ allows you to quickly and easily show the weather for any time in the forecast range.
- Smooth, interactive interface allows you to see the ‘flow’ of the weather.
- Tap on any station for detailed weather information.
- See the weather trend for a single station.
- Easily create and edit routes by tapping on airports on the map. All public airports are included, not just those shown on the map.
- Simulate a flight at your expected departure time. Ideal for finding a route when you want to leave at a specific time.
- Or have the whole route’s weather shown based on your departure time and ground speed. Weather is shown for the time you’ll pass each weather station. Ideal for finding a departure time when you want to fly a specific route.
- No subscriptions fees. You bought it, you own it.

- Contiguous United States (lower 48 states) only - Sorry Alaska and Hawaii.
- Not a replacement for an Electronic Flight Bag app nor for an FAA weather briefing. Some weather information like icing or turbulence just isn’t provided.
- Optimized for iPad’s, iPhone’s 6 and bigger are nice too. Works on other iPhones also, it’s just ‘cramped’.