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WhereRU - Locator and Chat

Seller: Scott Null
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Download WhereRU - Locator and Chat free via AppsHawk.

WhereRU lets you chat with and see the current locations on a map of anyone else currently in the same map group. Join or create a new map group name and share it with your friends. If they join the same map group, you can see each other's current location and group messages. The locations on the map will update automatically whenever anyone moves. You can exit a map group at any time and your location will no longer be visible by others.

WhereRU is great for families on the go, group events, vacations, sports teams, amusement park visits, truckers, camping, boating, traveling and adventure groups, or anytime you are with a bunch of people and you want to be able to find each other easily.

When you create a new map group other WhereRU app users can join it. You just need to tell them the name of your map group. Remember, anyone can join any map group, so if you want your group to be private, create a unique map group name that others would not guess.

WhereRU will work with any iOS device (iPhones, iPads, iPods) with a WIFI connection and does not require a cellular phone account.

Your privacy is important! WhereRU never stores location history and only keeps the most current location while you are in a map group. Leave the map group and your current location data is immediately deleted. Create a unique map group name (think of it as a password) to keep your map group private.