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Who Pays? - Group Budget Tool

Seller: Fernando II Azarcon
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Download Who Pays? - Group Budget Tool free via AppsHawk.

A very simple application that allows groups of friends to easily track and budget their expenses through receivables and deductibles.

For instance, say you and 2 of your friends decide to eat breakfast together. For simplicity and quickness, you decide to pay the bill first and note how much your friends owe you.

This is where "Who Pays?" excels and comes into place. Through this application, you can simple add a transaction and note your receivable which is the total cost of your group's meal, and simply allocate the deductibles either automatically, which will divide the bill equally, or manually. As stated, this will in turn, allocate corresponding receivables and deductibles to each person in your group.

With this application, paying for other people's expenses can be easily tracked, and in turn, people can easily decide who can pay the bill. In other words, paying bills as a group would hassle-free with this application.

Pay bills and use the application to track expenses throughout the trip, and upon the end of the trip, pay each other depending on each person's receivable or deductible.