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Wingy Browser

Seller: Zuogen Zhang
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Wingy Browser - a customizable browser

Wingy Browser is a web browser based on WKWebview;

Wingy Browser features:
Wingy Browser name unique as your personality browser;
Wingy Browser's full auto-full functionality gives you more immersion when you look at content;
Wingy Browser night mode effectively protects your eyes;
Wingy Browser's no-picture mode can screen out the picture;
Clear traces of my browser to make the Internet more secure and secure;
Wingy Browser's blocking ad feature makes web pages cleaner;
Wingy Browser also supports multiple windows, bookmark management and history;
Wingy Browser supports scanning QR code to open the page;
Wingy Browser supports using the system's own browser to open the page;

Wingy Browser custom features:
Wingy Browser built-in static WebServer, support for mobile phones to build a simple static web site;

Wingy Browser has built-in Web DAV, which makes it quick and easy to upload or download files from your computer to web containers.

Wingy Browser built-in Web Uploader, you can easily upload the phone's existing photos or files to the Web container;

Wingy Browser's configuration file in the web container Config directory, the user can modify the HomeContent.json file content to customize the browser home page; Users can modify AdblockRules.txt file content to add or modify the rules of ad blocking;

Because I was the beginning of this browser requires the goal is to do a very lightweight, very fast, customizable browser, a few versions down, every time you add any feature should be considered again and again. Only then have this "my browser" in the collection of many functions at the same time and ensure that the installation package within 5M, to save users more storage space, truly lightweight as Yan;

Wingy Browser, but also your customizable custom browser, you deserve it!