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Workflows and Lesson Ideas for Showbie

Seller: makemoremusic ltd
Price: FREE

Download Workflows and Lesson Ideas for Showbie free via AppsHawk.

Workflows and lesson ideas for Showbie

Officially endorsed by Showbie, workflows and lesson ideas for Showbie contains videos and PDF files full of ideas for maximising your use of Showbie in the classroom.

Fifteen tutorial videos totalling over 60 minutes, with supporting PDFs

This is one of two apps focusing on how to get the most from Showbie in your classroom. The partner app Tutorials for Showbie is also available on the app store.

Video 1 Introduction and overview
Video 2 Essential Workflow 1
- Freeing up space on student iPads
- Backing up image and video files
Video 3 Essential Workflow 2
- Showbie’s built in feedback tools for images and PDFs
Video 4 Showbie and Padlet
Video 5 Showbie and Explain Everything Projects
Video 6 Showbie and Google Apps For Education
Video 7 Showbie and Book Creator
Video 8 Showbie and The Flipped Classroom
Video 9 Showbie and Music Lessons
Video 10 Showbie and reading
Video 11 Timed assessment and assignment locking
Video 12 Showbie and Nearpod
Video 13 Showbie and Bookwidgets
Video 14 Showbie and formative assessment tools
Video 15 Tutorials for Showbie overview