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Workout Timer - HIIT Tabata

Seller: Artem Sokurenko
Price: FREE

Download Workout Timer - HIIT Tabata free via AppsHawk.

Interval timer for training, in which there is no advertising.
A handy application in which your workouts are accompanied by LED Flash, vibration, and loud beeps.

- Fitness routine "Tabata"
- Fitness routine "Rounds"
- Fitness routine "Stopwatch"

You can change:
- Rounds
- Work time
- Rest time
- Delayed start from 0 to 99 seconds
- Perliminary sound from 0 to 7 seconds
- Vibration
- LED Flash

Fitness routine "Tabata" very intensive training. One cycle takes only 4 minutes. During this time you have time to do 8 exercises (20 seconds per each) with short respites of 10 seconds.

Fitness routine "Rounds" training for counting rounds, with a progress line and set intervals.

Fitness routine "Stopwatch" for more intensive workouts, with a progress line, also has a configurable audio playback interval.

Our app is a great way to keep yourself in good shape. Good luck in your workouts!