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WVSM Mobile Management Suite

Seller: Athena GTX Inc
Price: FREE

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The WVSM® Mobile Management Suite is designed to interface specifically with the Wireless Vital Signs Monitor (WVSM®) made by Athena GTX®. NOTE: This app will not monitor vital signs without a separately sold WVSM® device.
The WVSM® device was designed with battlefield or mass casualty conditions in mind where the device’s compact size, low weight, portability, and simplicity of use make it possible for patient vital signs to be available where they otherwise would not. This app extends the capability of the WVSM® device by connecting via ad-hoc wi-Fi and displaying the near real-time heart rate, ecg waveform, blood oxygenation level and blood pressure. Additionally health care providers can input respiration rate, temperature and glasgow coma score. All of these data are stored on the WVSM® device, so as the patient and monitor travel together through the continuum of care, each provider has access to a more complete picture of where the patient has been—vitally speaking.
Additionally, the WVSM® system was designed to display up to 20 WVSM® devices at one time.