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Zing Touch

Seller: Haunted Dancehall
Price: -1

Download Zing Touch free via AppsHawk.

With Zing Touch you can read and post to forums and bulletin boards including the popular I Love Everything and I Love Music forums at The simple interface allows you to move quickly around the boards, and the quick bookmark loading creates the perfect Skinner box.


• Fast loading: Using ILX API, Zing needs very little data to load threads and messages — you can zing with just a bar of Edge.

• Bookmark support: Open updated threads, set new bookmarks, delete older ones and quickly update your saved reading positions.

• Message composer: With simple-to-use support for bold, italic and message quoting, no BBCode required.

• Built-in browser: Allows you to read messages in the original HTML, and follow any links without leaving the app.

• YouTube support: Watch videos embedded in posts.

- You must have already created an account on a ConversationBoard forum (such as to use Zing.