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Have you got a chance to take a photo for your friends in your contact list, what's app list, etc? Or do you get bored of using the real photo of your friends? You can now "CHOK" beautiful and lovely faces for them and use in your phone contact and what's app, Facebook profile photo for yourself. "CHOK" is a recent Hong Kong slang, means one try to make a cool or handsome face, if you want to know more you can search it and there is some video explaining this Cantonese word.

How do we come up with this idea to make this app?

Once upon a time, Ivan saw a character drawing by his teammate Bullet and Ivan likes the style a lot, and appreciate Bullet's drawing much, Ivan want to see how to apply this kind of style character, Ivan keep thinking... Later, Ivan's teammate made a Drag function using on web to customize a watch style, Ivan also want to apply this technique in some way, Ivan keep thinking... One day, Ivan thinks they can make this CHOKFACE app for people to choose different kind of eyes, nose, etc to make a face for friends and use on phones and web.

This app, with beautiful interface, cool, funny and lovely faces, is made in Hong Kong, by a team of passionate designers and programmers in YSD.