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Eat Everywhere

Seller: Post-Canine Productions Inc
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From the creator of, EAT EVERYWHERE is your personal eating assistant! Order killer meals in any sort of restaurant, from Argentinian to Japanese to Yemeni. Whether you're traveling or trying immigrant food near home, EAT EVERYWHERE unlocks a whole world of deliciousness, suggesting the most craveable dishes for virtually every cuisine. We're your in-restaurant lifeline, like a passionate food-expert friend whispering in your ear. The ultimate chowhound's companion!

You're perfectly comfortable in Chinese or Mexican restaurants. Pad Thai and samosas seem like old friends. But you're missing out on so much awesomeness! What if you had the expertise to dive into everyone's cooking - ALL the food? What if Ghanaian, Laotian, and Venezuelan restaurants (and dozens more) felt as familiar as Italian?

We won't overwhelm you with dull lists of 900 Thai curries (this is not a food encyclopedia). We'll steer you straight to the can't-miss stuff, and help you choose, pronounce, and enjoy like a local, wherever you are!

If you're already an expert eater, EAT EVERYWHERE fills in gaps, suggesting fresh ordering strategies and clever pro tips. It's the smart, portable cheat sheet you've always wanted!

Upgrade to "premium" for coverage of 75 cuisines. We'll clue you in on:

* Things to Know
 - cuisine background and irreverent advice

* The Short List
 - absolutely unmissable dishes; your best bets!

* "Litmus Test" Dishes
 - quickly gauge restaurant quality before committing to a full meal

* Vegetarian Survival Dishes
 - meatless, fishless strategies

* Ice-Breaker Dishes
 - impress and disarm your waiter by name-dropping these

* Adventurous Eating
 - wild and woolly!

* For Super Fussy Eaters
 - tips for kids and other squeamish types

* More Info
 - a carefully-chosen collection of great websites about the cuisine (like an app within an app!)

EAT EVERYWHERE boils over with savvy, insider advice and good humor: more than 200,000 words from a team of 15 food-crazed maniacs! So much hard-won chow-how has gone into this that we're almost reluctant to let you have it - everything we know! - on your phone for five lousy bucks. The entire world of great eating at the tip of your fingers, wherever you go and whatever you crave ... the keys to the culinary kingdom!

You can either miss out on great stuff … or you can EAT EVERYWHERE!

Currently covered in the Premium version:

Afghan, Alsatian, Argentinian, Belgian, Bengali/Bangladeshi, Bolivian, Brazilian, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese Bakeries and Cafes, Chinese Roast Meat Joints, Colombian, Cuban, Dim Sum, Dominican, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Filipino, French, French Bistros and Brasseries, French Provençal, Fujian, Georgian, German, Ghanaian, Greek, Guyanese, Haitian, Honduran, Hong Kong and Cantonese, Hunan, Hungarian, Indian-Chinese, Indonesian, Iranian, Jamaican, Japanese, Japanese Noodle Shops, Korean, Laotian, Lebanese, Malaysian, Mexican, Moroccan, Nepali, North Indian, Northern Chinese and Beijing, Northern Italian, Oaxacan, Pakistani, Peruvian, Polish, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Punjabi, Roman, Romanian, Russian, Salvadoran, Sardinian, Senegalese, Shanghai, Sichuan, Sicilian, Singaporean, South Indian, Southern Italian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Sushi, Swedish, Taiwanese, Tamil, Thai, Tibetan, Trinidadian, Turkish, Tuscan, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, Xi'an, Yemeni, Yucatán