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Eurovision Rating 2018

Seller: Heidi Brebels
Price: FREE

Download Eurovision Rating 2018 free via AppsHawk.

This is a simple app that allows you to keep your own score while watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Write down your own comments with each song to help you remember what they were about.

An internet connection is required the first time you start the app (to load the countries/songs) and once again when the countries in the final are announced. Once you have all the countries/songs available to you in the app, an internet connection is no longer needed.

If you are not sure if this app is for you, then you can first download the Eurovision Song Contest Rating 2017 app. You'll recognise the icon, it's the same as this one, only in pink. That app is free and it works almost the same as this one (I've made a few updates in this one, e.g. you can now see the comments you made in the ranking tab). If you like that one, you'll probably like this one too.