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Light Pencil

Seller: Alumra Ltd
Price: FREE

Download Light Pencil free via AppsHawk.

Sketch your photos for pure fun and enjoyment with this distinctly different drawing app.

* What makes this app’s sketching different?

We cultivate only the finest drawing algorithms, raising them from a young age. This allows us to influence them in ways other sketchers can’t.

And, with Light Pencil you can:

- Draw crosshatch
- Texturize your surface
- Color the background
- Outline
- Color flatly
- Draw in grayscale
- Draw in full color

* How does this work?

1. We take one of your favorite memories in photographic form.
2. We immerse this photo in a very unique and mysterious liquid.
3. Into this liquid, we dip the Light Pencil, which is made with only the highest quality graphites and clays.
4. Magic? We don’t know. Could be. Let’s go with that.
5. Repeat if desired.

* Why would I want to draw my memories?

Why not? I mean, you can’t draw with your hands, can you? Oh? you can… Well, so can we. So there. Well, if we use Light Pencil then we can draw. Unlike you. Well. Actually just like you. If you use Light Pencil, that is. Who asked this question anyway?

* Is Light Pencil worth it?

Naw... You’re worth it. That’s why we made Light Pencil. We made it for you.

* Who are you people, anyway?

We are the softly-squeaking mouse in my purring cat’s belly and I, of course. Who are you?

* I don’t like Light Pencil, can you tell me why?

Yes! It’s because you’re reading this nonsense rather than just trying Light Pencil for yourself. There.

* I love Light Pencil, what say ye to that?

We would recommend that you ask Siri for a good doctor, preferably nearby to you. Seriously, we think this app works by magic. We refuse to take any of the credit or any of the blame for your unhealthy relationship with it.

* I would like to speak to a supervisor, right now!

Well... that’s not actually a question, but here you go:
@alumra_pics #LightPencil