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LiveDoodle - Bring Drawings to Life

Seller: Luis Fraga
Price: FREE

Download LiveDoodle - Bring Drawings to Life free via AppsHawk.

LiveDoodle is a magical way to bring drawings to life.
Draw faces that come alive and react when you talk.
Creation tools include a blinking eye maker, a talking mouth maker and a brush that draws lo-fi animated lines.
For grownups and kids alike.

Draw a face and impersonate characters by holding the iPad on front of your face.
Talk to make the mouth move. Make funny voices for better results!

When using the eye tool, make sure to create just one eye at a time to avoid weird blinking...

• Promotes empathy, family sharing, and creativity through drawing
• Discover the different emotional states
• Make up stories to go with the faces you draw
• Bundled with samples to get your family inspired
• Play/draw without wi-fi or internet
• No in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you and your kid are free to create without interruptions! 

But there's more than just drawing faces. Nothing stops you and your kids from coming up with full body characters, animals, landscapes, hand written messages and anything else you can think of!