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Seller: Yuma Kitasei
Price: FREE

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- 画像/動画の再生機能
- オフラインでの画像再生機能
- 画像の複数枚同時ダウンロード
- 動画のダウンロード
- 画像/動画が投稿された際のツイートの表示
- ユーザーの検索
- ユーザー画像更新の通知


Pictbox is an image viewer application that can download Twitter images / videos.
You can view and download the images of the user following the interface like Camera Roll.

If you use Twitter linkage with this application, people following Followers on Twitter will be displayed in "Follow List", making searching for users easier. (* We do not tweet or follow using cooperated accounts from this application)
In addition, it is also possible to use Twitter for those who do not have a Twitter account or want to use it without using Twitter linkage.

Pictbox features
- Image / video playback function
- Offline image playback function
- Simultaneous download of multiple images
- Download videos
- Display of tweets when images / videos are posted
- Search for users
- User image update notification