What is AppsHawk?

AppsHawk is a free application for iPhone and iPad, which main idea is to give iPhone users access to the best paid apps that are free at the moment.
Our main goal is to provide users with top quality apps that are entertaining, interesting and really useful. We have worked very hard to improve our own unique algorithm, which filters all iPhone apps and selects only the best of the best free apps or paid apps that have become free.
If you become a real fan of AppsHawk you will be able to save hundreds $$$ per month.

How Much does AppsHawk Cost?

Now here is some great news! AppsHawk is completely free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything in order to start using our wonderful iPhone app. Now your former dream to get the greatest paid iPhone apps for free has become reality. Just subscribe to AppsHawk and tell your friends for us.

Are the Best iPhone Apps Always Paid?

Every iPhone owner knows that there are literary thousands of apps in the Apple App Store. They are grouped in many different categories and subcategories and vary from useful iPhone apps for your business to great games, which you will like even if you’re not a gamer. The price also varies a lot – from less than $1 to more than $10. People usually spend many hours trying to find good free iPhone apps, but the truth is most of the free applications for iPhone are garbage. So what do we do if we don’t want to spend money on iPhone apps that we really need? Well, the answer is quite simple – AppsHawk.

Is AppsHawk Legal?

How do we offer paid iPhone apps for free? Don’t worry! AppsHawk is completely legal iPhone application and is approved by Apple. In order to ensure that our users get all the coolest and most useful iPhone apps free of charge we negotiate with the iPhone developers on the behalf of our iPhone consumers. If you find our mission useful and want to help us improve AppsHawk, you can do this by telling more people about it. And here is how the system works… the more visits our website gets, the more popular this iPhone application will become. Then we will start receiving more and more iPhone user reviews, which will reflect in more iPhone apps sales later. As a result – more paid apps will turn free, which is our main goal. AppsHawk brings the best possible paid iPhone applications for free exclusively to its users.

The Power of AppsHawk

Very few people are aware of the fact that paid iPhone apps often go on sale for free. Of course, as you probably presume, there is a catch in this. All paid iPhone apps for free are available only for a limited period of time – usually for 24 hours. Yes, this is great news, but the trick is to know which iPhone apps have become free and when. AppsHawk will do all this for you and everything is 100% legit. We just want to get you the best paid iPhone apps for free, because you deserve it. Forget paying for a cool iPhone app, just use AppsHawk and check our daily offers. You will be surprised!