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5 Minute Plank Calisthenics Challenge for Iron Abs with Timer

Seller: Gabriel Lupu
Price: FREE

Download 5 Minute Plank Calisthenics Challenge for Iron Abs with Timer free via AppsHawk.

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The plank exercise is a great way to develop your abs for a six pack and strengthen your core.
Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of 5 Minute Plank!

It takes only 5 minutes, for the plank exercise (also known as planking), in the morning or in the evening at home or at the office to be in a great shape!

With an easy to use interface, this app is a MUST if you want to develop strong abs and strengthen your core!

The best part? The exercises are simple to perform, do not require any equipment, and therefore, can be done anywhere! NO MORE EXCUSES.

We are dedicated fitness professionals and app developers. We strive to make the highest quality products - if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us. Our apps are regularly updated at no charge.

Using our application it will work your core to its maximum in just 5 minutes. Six hard working plank exercises with a short burst of rest in between
will have you huffing and puffing and sweating your way to a stronger core.

If you do this Plank work out and don't feel the burn you are doing it wrong! With an extremely easy to use interface you will be on your way to developing strong abs and a strong core in no time!

The plank (also called a front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge) is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a difficult position for extended periods of time.
The most common plank is the front plank which is held in a push-up position with the body's weight borne on forearms, elbows, and toes.
Many variations exist such as the side plank and the reverse plank.The plank is commonly practiced in pilates and yoga, and by those training forboxing and other sports.
The plank strengthens the abdominals, back, and shoulders.