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5:2 Health Diet

Seller: Stockholm Applications Laboratory AB
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The 5:2 diet is one of the worlds most popular diets. This app keeps you reminded of the days you have chosen and how much you consume every day to not go over your set values to get the maximum effect. You will be able to keep your records in the app for all the important values that you want to remember and see how you improve and you will improve if you do it right we assure you. For 2 set days you eat only 500 kcal and then you eat as normal and you will feel the energy come back and you will very likely lose some weight. You can easily change days if you need to and still stick to your diet. You can enter your own values for an intake or choose from the lists provided. You can pick and choose international measurements and use our provided kcal tables from around the world. If you are a foodie and want to share your pictures and recipes then you should use our recipes creator that shares your recipes to all users around the world.

Enjoy 5:2 Health Diet, we do!

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