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Activity Switch

Seller: Thomas Rook
Price: FREE

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Make switching activities visual!

This app helps you to clarify the transition between situations for children by portraying them. In addition, you should think of activities that make it difficult for children to quit them or situations where the child does not understand what the next activity entails

A few simple buttons allow you to determine the Closing Activity and the Next Activity.
This can be done by selecting a photo from the Camera or Photo Gallery. This way you keep everything personal and keep it easy to understand

It is often thought that this only applies to children with autism or who exhibit autistic behaviour. However, it may also be very useful for "normally" functioning children who usually do not have enough information on the explanation and prefer to see an image. (The so-called image thinkers)

All new used photos will only be saved in your own photo album. Activity Switch does NOT store user data!

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