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AEI Keyboard Note Dutch

Seller: 4us
Price: FREE

Download AEI Keyboard Note Dutch free via AppsHawk.

You can type messages easier and faster with one-hand wherever you are!

What is Good about AEI Keyboard
- Only One Push to input Vowel (letter).
- Less than Two Push to input Alphabet. (any letter)
- Input faster with Two Thumbs.
*This Keyboard works ONLY in this App.

Special Features

* Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing

* You can open "twitter" site from Copy Button

* Save messages with destination number in "list" as fixed phrases

* Your current location info can be copied with a single touch

* You can select destination number from "Contacts"

* Friendly alphabetical character array with 13 multi-input keys with just 2 characters each to type faster and easier

* Ideal key size that reduce probability of typographic errors

* Adjustable character counter

Useful keyboard Settings (touch the "tools" icon for setting):

> Auto determination of character typed with multi-input key
example: (interval set "1.0"sec)

1. tap "OP)" key once (the key is highlighted)

2. the character "O" will be determined in 1.0 second automatically and key-highlight goes off

3. you can input characters assigned in the same key right away

*You can turn off auto-determination function, and the interval is adjustable at the "tools" menu.

Useful buttons equipped:

> Clear" button to erase immediately

> "Hide" button to hide the keyboard for view of longer messages

> "I'm here!" button to insert your current location info

> "(^_^)" button to select major face marks

> "Copy" button to copy the message to clipboard for use in other apps

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