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Seller: Hitoshi Ogurisu
Price: FREE

Download AiAlmace free via AppsHawk.

AiAlmace is a software to consult AiAlmace dictionaries. With AiAlmace you can consult a full encoding dictionary like as TCAF (Tableau de conjugaison de l'ancien français, Machio OKADA et Hitoshi OGURISU); in this dictionary you can search every part of dictionary (all the verbal forms). With AiAlmace you can also consult an image based dictionary like as VanDaele; in this dictionary you can search only the headwords and their variantes, but all of them are linked with the page where they appears. So you can easily get the page you want to see. If you look up "amor", you can get the image of the page where this word appears as head word. Differently from a full encoding dictionary, an image based dictionaries has very simple structure. If you examine carefully the structure of "VanDaele", you will be able to make you own dictionary by yourself.

Be careful:
1. With iPhone, only the landscape mode is available.
2. To use AiAlmace you have to download a (gratuitous) dictionary at
and install it via iTunes' file sharing.