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Seller: Hitoshi Ogurisu
Price: FREE

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AiDurendal is a software to consult a AiDurendal dictionary. This type of dictionary is composed with the page images of the original dictionary and every page image is linked with the first headword of the page. With this simple system, AiDurendal searches the page image which must contain the word you input. For exemple If the first headword of the first page is "A" et that of the second page is "abandon", "abaisser" must be found a the first page, as long as the word exists in the dictionary.
Be careful, to use AiDurendal, you have to download dictionaries at

Unfortunately all the dictionaries which are available on this page concern Old French or Old Occitan. But you can make by youself an AiDurendal dictionary. AiDurendal dictionary contains only page images and two plain text files. If you examine carefully them, you can easily understand the structure of the AiDurendal dictionary. To do so, we recommend you to download GdfLex.

Be careful on iPhone, only the landscape mode is available.