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Amharic Fidel

Seller: Daniel Worku
Price: FREE

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Tired of tapes, books and ineffective flashcards? Learn to read Amharic quickly and easily with Axum Amharic Fidel, an interactive educational app.

Amharic is an Ethio-Semitic language, native of Ethiopia. It is the second most spoken Semitic language with over 25 million speakers worldwide. The Amharic writing system uses Ge’ez script with choice modifications.

•CORRECT PRONUNCIATION by a native speaker
•SPACED REPETITION algorithm helps for quick memorization
•Low learning curve with MULTIPLE LEVEL format
•CUSTOM select letters to study
•SWIPE LEFT to reveal fast scroll bar
•TWO FINGER TAP to select or play row
•“Play All” and "Play Selected" options
•No internet connection required - all text and audio is contained within the application.

Please refrain from sending your bug reports using the App Store. Email us at or tweet us, to get in touch instantly, at @AxumAmharic