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Ariadne's Clew

Seller: Denis Malykh
Price: FREE

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You turned out to be in unknown city and want to go for a walk? Afraid to get lost? So, this app is for you!

Surely, you have heard myth about Theseus found his way out of minotaur's labyrinth thank to Ariadne's clew. So this app is like that Ariadne's clew but in your iphone (or ipad).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

To remember your way, select "track", than the work mode - how precise and how energy demanding remember the route. Then while you are staying in the screen with map, app is remembering your route. When you are in the desired place, go back from screen with map and route will be saved in app's memory. You can remember many tracks. App can remember track while being in the background mode, the main thing is you should stay in the screen with map.

Then, to find the way back, select "guide", then desired track (they are sorted by date, and displaying addresses if available). On the screen with map you will see your route. Part of route you should be on displayed with green color. Part you should go to displayed with blue color. Already gone part displayed with red color. You should go by green segments in the direction of blues, and you will find your way back.

Don't get lost.