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Arrange Wardrobe

Seller: BrosSoft
Price: FREE

Download Arrange Wardrobe free via AppsHawk.

Good application for dress management and coordination!!
Half price sale was finished already. thanks a lot!! thanks for 10,000 download!!
photo eraser changed more usefully.
you can backup your data.
you can use same date in other machine.
you can copy data to toll version from free version.
※data backup and recovery need iTune.
you can send picture of coordinate with email, and can save coordinate to album.
-Dress coordinate application

Don't you mess up your room with your clothes before you go out?
Don't you want to decrease the luggage for travel with good dress?
Don't you like to enjoy coordinate?
Do you want to manage your dresses well?
Don't you hesitate before going out with coordinate?
when going for shopping don't you want to remember your old dress for matching it with new one.
for example matching recently bought tops with new pants etc.

This application will settle the above problems!!

Function of arrange wardrobe.
* My wardrobe.
Dresses can be compactly managed using this application!!
Since Dresses can be managed in category and sub category it is very convenient.
you can also create new category for matching with latest fashion.
You can manage your dress with your favorite, color and etc.

Let's enjoy your dress up with this coordinate.
you will feel happy trying coordinate with your own clothes.
you can also make coordinate schedule.
for example you can choose the dress one week before going to travel or going to a party.
In coordinate view you can compare your created coordinate.