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Seller: BassInSight, Inc.
Price: FREE

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BassVisionTM gives anglers the ability to visualize their lures through the eyes of a bass. App users can determine which lures are most visible to bass under various conditions. Variables such as water clarity, depth, background, time of day, and distance to lure can be altered to optimize lure detectability.

BassVisionTM also provides a real-time visualizer to allow anglers to view lures instantaneously via their phone camera when choosing lures in their tackle box or in a retail store.

Developed using cutting edge science on bass visual properties, BassVisionTM gives you an advantage only the bass can see.

* Comes pre-loaded with over 75 lures in the digital tackle box
* Customizable date, time and location allows anglers to ‘do their homework’ and test lures from home before getting on the water
* View a lure through the 'eyes' of both bass and human
* View how lures appear at different depths
* View lures in clear, lake, swamp, green, or muddy water clarities
* View lures against the open water column, brown sand, green plant, or muddy bottom
* Alter the distance from the lure to the bass
* Easily input your own lure images to the digital tackle box