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Big Break: Act & Sing Game

Seller: Emote Play Apps Inc.
Price: FREE

Download Big Break: Act & Sing Game free via AppsHawk.

Big Break Bobby needs actors for his movie production studios. That’s where you come in! Act out lines along with game characters, guess emotions of the characters, and even see yourself in a movie! Earn points based on your acting and observation skills!

This game operates as a safe and fun way for kids to practice their social communication skills through modules that require listening, watching, acting, and singing. A great resource for coaching nonverbal aspects of expression and emotion understanding.

Based on research conducted in the SMART lab at Ryerson University (, this game utilizes research-supported methods of emotional mimicry along with sophisticated expression analysis algorithms to guide kids in their development of social communication skills. All young people can benefit from the game, and it is expected to be especially useful for people with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders, communication disorders, and attention deficit disorder subtypes. Check out our game website to learn more (

As a team of researchers, educators, designers, and parents, we understand the importance of social communication, and we are deeply interested in making tools to support the development of social communication skills. We are always interested in learning more about social communication challenges and receiving app-specific feedback. Please send comments via email to

Brought to you by Emote Play Apps Incorporated (
Chief Executive Officers: Lucy McGarry, Ph.D. & Frank Russo, Ph.D.
Creative Director: Dan Sampson

Graphics, animations & character design by Dan Sampson (
iOS development by Alex Andrews of Ten Kettles Development ( and Gabriel Jensen
Theme song and sound effects by Andrew Lauzon
Production team: Stevie Baker, Tyler Grace, Adam Buckley

Thanks to our funding sources including the Fed Dev Social Venture Fellowship, and Telus Community Grants.