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Biolab - your personal biology lab

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Download Biolab - your personal biology lab free via AppsHawk.

Discover a new virtual biology lab that you can take with you wherever you go.

Either you are a student, a teacher or a biology enthusiast, this app will help you to grow your knowledge, to share it with your students or to give you have access to experiments that are common in biology labs.

The Microscope
It's one of the most realistic virtual microscopes made for an app. You can control the objectives, the position and even a diaphragm.
With "Biolab - your personal biology lab" you can have an immersive experience in using the interactive microscope.
Here, for all experiments (20+ and growing), you have access in each one to 3 different magnifications (40x, 100x and 400x) of labelled samples.

Get deep inside experiments that are usually part of Biology class:
- Seed germination;
- Xylem transport;
- Human circulatory system;
- Human digestive system;
- Soil permeability;
- The influence of light in photosynthesis.
- Many more to come...

When you get "Biolab - your personal biology lab" you'll get all the future updates for free.

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