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Blue Cat:Alphabet

Seller: Hunan Blue Cat Online Education Co., Ltd.
Price: FREE

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Trouble makers attack!

Trick or treat! Trouble makers messed all things up! Letters were racing to hid into 9 wonderful worlds. Come on and find the 26 letters out before dark, or the bakery will be closed!

Production features:
Offer kids the best during its childhood!
Treasure every second in Critical period of Enlightenment, and build bilingual speakers!
9 scenes for your exploring!
Received pronunciation leading the reading , and finding, reading, remembering through them!
Progressive training, and develop kids step by step.
Improve kids’ concentration!
Make A to Z (26 letters) learning easier!
Open the second mother language door to 3-5 year-old kids.

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No third-party ads!
No other web links!
We are concentrated on providing a pure space without any interference!

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“Aesthetic Education for Psychological Potentials(AEPP)” is a mode of natural ecological early childhood education!
Help your kids with natural feeling, natural discovery, natural creation.
Now, come and join us to protect kids' initiative and develop kids' psychological potentials.
Driving the future with love,
Cultivating ideal children!