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Body Kaise Banaye Health Tips

Seller: Mohsin Mansuri
Price: FREE

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Everything you need to know about muscle gain and fat loss, This app will be like your personal trainer, it will tell you in detail how to do each exercise, routines, "secrets", frequently asked questions, Body mass index, supplementation guide.
Everything you need to know about muscle gain and fat loss, this app will save you a lot of time by telling you the biggest mistakes in the gym and amazing tips.

Are you desperate enough to try anything to get healthy and strong body, but not sure how to do that in a natural and healthy way? If so, look no further and try this app!

Everybody wants to look smart and healthy. However, liquidness is a common health problem in the world. So, what is the best way to weight gain ? We bring you a collection of over 150 tips, which offers time-tested techniques to help you weight gain faster naturally. Don’t just believe the word! Download the app now and try a few tips for yourself, and you are all set to make your way to a better and healthier life.

सेहत कैसे बनाये (Body Kaise Banaye) helps you to:

- Improve your daily habits.

- increase your weight naturally.

- Improve your BMI (Body Mass Index)

- Live a healthier life.


1. The info contained in the app is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. This app disclaims any liability for any decisions you make based on the information provided.

2. This app is a self-contained offline app with a part of the contents from public domain.

3. The purpose of app is to provide entertainment/general information to user. All the images and text contained in the app are collected from different internet sources. All the images are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain.