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Seller: HOA (Home Of Attention)
Price: FREE

Download BrainExpress free via AppsHawk.

IMPORTANT: This App requires a NeuroSky iOS EEG headset (for example a MindWave Mobile 2) to work!

BrainExpress – Technology for you! Improve your mental abilities permanently with our dedicated trainings.

BrainExpress is a new and expanded app that is based on our successful Brain Starter App. Improve, record and analyze your brain’s activity in any way you like – individual trainings, preset trainings, raw data recording and export, all this and more is possible with BrainExpress!

Are you feeling tired or inattentive? Do you want to improve your ability to focus? We offer you the perfect solution for these and other goals! BrainExpress is an app that lets you specifically improve your ability to focus, relax, and concentrate by using cognitive exercises.

Psychologists and neurofeedback experts designed the app for mobile use as well as home training. Neurofeedback is used to measure EEG data of the brain and to use this data to influence your training. 

The only things needed to begin are our BrainExpress app and a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile headset. This will allow you to achieve fast success while being very cost and time efficient. Simply select one of the trainings included in the app and use music and videos from your iTunes library to support training.

While you are watching, listening or playing your brain is learning through positive conditioning. Your selected media will only continue playback when training thresholds are met.

It features:

- Record and export raw EEG data
- Train your ability to focus and relax
- Create your own trainings. Select up to three of the eight frequency bands to train up or down. Training management can be done by a therapist with password protected settings.
- Presets for popular trainings
- Multi-user options: upload your session data to a Dropbox or iCloud account and share them. Account managements includes user information and session data.
- Use movies and music from your iTunes library or one of the included games to support your training
- See the activity of your brain, including all supported frequency bands
- Share data with your coach or therapist with our online dashboard