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Business Dictionary MacEng

Seller: Aneta Naumoska
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Download Business Dictionary MacEng free via AppsHawk.

This bilingual dictionary (English-Macedonian, Macedonian-English) is the first translating aid in the form of a mobile application, designed and optimized for your mobile device (works on iOS). Its easy-to-use interface, functionality, and visually-appealing nature make it an invaluable and practical tool not only for translators but also for students and any person involved in the business sphere.

-This app includes over 10.000 dictionary entries, including collocations, phrases, national and international institutions and associations (and their acronyms), and currencies.
-There is a broad coverage of fields: accounting, auditing, banking, finance, human resources, insurance, investments, management, marketing, sales, statistics, and transport, among others, with the inclusion of legal terminology as well.
-It is constantly being updated and expanded with additional entries and further
-It requires Internet access.
-Your iPhone (keyboard) must support both Latin and Cyrillic script.
-Get suggestions while you type.
-Free to download
-Visit the Developer Website to share this app and learn more about its developer, who is involved in the practical application of such vocabulary, through translating, as well as in the educational aspect of it, through teaching Business English to University students.

This Business Dictionary app is a helping hand for an accurate translation, which is a click away!