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ChronoSheets Pro

Seller: Lachlan Pearce
Price: FREE

Download ChronoSheets Pro free via AppsHawk.

A stopwatch/timer for ChronoSheets. You can also submit time entries manually.

- Manual entry of time records
- Use the timer / stopwatch
- Record GPS trips
- Attach meeting audio to be transcribed into text
- Take photos of receipts
- Attach important documents like PDF or Word Docs

ChronoSheets is a free timesheet application where organisations can sign up and setup employees, clients, projects, jobs and tasks. On the website employees can submit their timesheets on one simple page. Admins can report on timesheet data gathered from employees.

This is an accessory application for ChronoSheets that turns your smart phone into a virtual stop watch for timesheets.

After logging into the app with your ChronoSheets account, you will be able to start the timer by first selecting your organisation Job Codes and Tasks. Let the timer tick over while you do your task and when you've finished click the stop button to instantly send the timesheet entry back to ChronoSheets.