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Cigarette Tracker App

Seller: jkinfoway
Price: FREE

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Want to keep track and record your day to day smoking habit?? then have this useful Cigarette Tracker App application.
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, in spite of knowing this fact, many of us have a habit of smoking daily. To get out from this problem we have developed “Cigarette Tracker App”, which can count your daily, monthly or you can even set the range of dates for which you want to check the number of smoked cigarettes. This application can be a great help for the smokers especially chain smokers if they want to either reduce the number of cigarettes or quit smoking totally.

How it works:
It includes functions:

a) Counter: It adds the number of cigarettes smoked by 1. Just click the “counter” button.

b) Statistics: Shows the stats. You can get the stats in the form of bar graph for different periods day, month.

1. Displays the total number.
2.View statistics and dynamics of your smoking in the form of bar graph. It will tell you how much you are smoking
3. A very simple and classic yet addicting user interface.
4. Easy best time and useful app
If you want to add a smoked cigarettes easier and faster, you can install this app on your smartphones!!
We hope this application will help you in quitting or at least reducing your smoking habit!!