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Citizen Safe app

Seller: Anthony Farmer
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Citizen Safe, the safe app, is solely based on a vast network of Users engaging in a true 'Eyes On The Ground' proactive approach to child protection, community and safety for all.

Although the original concept is of one in child safety, the application's purpose reaches all citizens alike; be they of any relationship or frailty of mind to the User.

Facebook verification provides a level of transparency, whilst the the small monetary transactions via app purchase completes and legitimises the phone app's integrity.

Features include;

1. 'Photo of the Day' window, for daily uploads depicting last known worn attire.
2. The 'Help' tab, which launches a digitally networked grid of interfaced notifications, profiles and real time mapping, within a 10km radius.
3. The all important 'Eyes On The Ground' tab, connecting distressed Users to the 'Eyes On The Ground' Users with live information, via phone call or messaging.
4. The 'Safe' tab declares emergency posts as safe and found.
5. The 'My Posts' tab; for checking on all your posts.
6. The in-app 'Support' tab for help, queries and technical support.

Go Now - Download - Get Verified - Share - Create your vast network of Users - Be The Eyes On The Ground